600 Panhard Suspension Package
Panhard Suspension Package
Racer Price: $649.41

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Product Code: 600-SU-K3002

XXX 600 Panhard Suspension Package. Designed to deliver you everything you need to adapt panhard suspension to your Triple X 600 Fusion Chassis. Make some simple spacing changes to your rear axle, change out your suspension components with the parts included in this kit and you are headed to the winner's circle with a panhard style mini sprint.

(2) Wishbone style rear radius rods complete with heims
(1) 19" Panhard Rod with Steel Heims
(1) 15 1/2" Shifter Linkage Rod with Heims
(1) 4 1/2" Height Adjuster Rod with Heims
(1) Left Rear Panhard Style Arm with Bolts
(1) Right Rear Panhard Style Arm with Bolts
(2) Rear Torsion Arm Linkage with Heims
(1) Panhard Slider Tube with Bolts
(1) Panhard Slider Sleve with Bolts
(1) Panhard Handle Complete with Bolts
(1) Panhard Bell Crank with Bolts

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